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On this portal we have gathered all the information our partners might need about Bambora and our products. Scroll down to find images, logos, product descriptions, pamphlets and everything else you might need to make our partnership flourish.  

Welcome to the Zoo

“Since day one, Bambora's goal has been to simplify payments. Our partnerships are a critical part of that strategy.”

Siri Kiessling, Head of Partner Sales at Bambora 

This product sheet gives you an overview of Bambora's loan service, Growth Finance. It describes how the service works and summarizes the benefits for customers.    

Product sheet

Bambora Growth Finance

Why Bambora One?

In this sales material you can find answers to  common questions that potential customers might have about Bambora One, as well as some of our key selling points. 

Sales material

Design tools


If you want to use images of Bambora's terminals in your communication, you can download a package with pictures fort both print and online use here.


Our visual guidelines tell you everything you need to know about how to use our logo and images in your communication.


If you want to use Bambora's logo in communication with customers, you can download versions for both print and online use here.

Marketing texts


About Bambora

These short texts about Bambora can be used when communicating our partnership on your website and in other channels. Available in Swedish and English.

Our solutions

About Bambora One

These short texts describing Bambora One can be used on your website and for other communication. Available in Swedish and English.

Our Solutions

About Bambora Device

These short texts describing Bambora One can be used on your website and for other communication. Available in Swedish and English.


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